The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Catching Up with... Vernon Davis

Davis' Off-season Diary: Conditioning Begins

Vernon Davis, First Round Selection, 6th Overall in 2006 NFL Draft

Tight end Vernon Davis checks in again to update the fans on his first ever off-season. This week, Davis was back in Santa Clara for the first week of the 49ers 14-week off-season conditioning program. Catch up with last year's first-round draft pick in this latest off-season diary.

"I flew back to town on Sunday and I’m back at my place in Santana Row but I’ll start looking for a house, probably out in the Silver Creek area. It’s real nice. I like how it’s up on the hill. It’s got a beautiful view so that’s the area I’m checking out this week. I’ve just been excited and happy this whole week to be back and working out with the team, specifically my guy Delanie Walker. Since he just converted to a tight end last year, he still has a lot of fundamental things he wants to work on this off-season, so we’re trying to push each other. I’ll try to coach him up with anything I might know. He does have braids now, so I think he’s trying to copy me a little bit but that’s okay. It’s a good look. I’m working out with the 10AM group which is one of the larger groups I think. We all have a good time training together and competing. I’d say Bryan Gilmore is probably one of the more competitive guys in my group. He always wants to outdo the guy next to him. On Monday, Duane Carlisle put us through some hill work. It’s designed to help you with your explosion and speed. Two guys go at once so you can push each other. I ran with the new linebacker from Tennessee, Colby Bockwoldt. On Tuesday we hit the box circuit which is a nonstop combination of jumping ropes, running, hopping over hurdles, sit ups, and push ups. There’s no rest in between so you are just constantly on the go throughout the workout, which is a little shorter than most of our days outside. I love jumping over the hurdles.

They set up about four of them about a foot and a half apart and then you quickly hop over each one. You have to land soft and just pop right back up. Wednesday is our recovery day, but I still headed over to the facility to watch some film. The rest of the day I pretty much just relaxed. I went over to PF Chengs with some of my buddies to grab a bite to eat and then just chilled out. My body is young enough that fortunately I didn’t really feel sore, but I was just tired and wanted to take it easy. On Thursday we did sled work. It’s basically a rope with a sled that has weights piled on it. We did 4 sets where we pulled them 10 yards, then 4 sets of 20 yards and finally 4 sets of 30 yards. By the time we got to the 30 yards, I think everyone was feeling pretty tired. Friday was a lighter day where we pretty much just did straight running without any toys or tricks. All week long, Johnny Parker has also had us in the weight room. I really love the colors. Being an artist, I appreciate stuff like that. It’s been a good first week of the off-season program and I just love training. The guys always give me a hard time and tease me about my workout gear and my muscles, but they are just mad because my body is bigger than there’s and I look good out there! I’m going out to Dallas this weekend to shoot another Under Armour commercial. It won’t be click clack this time, and so maybe that will actually die down finally".

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