The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
A review and commentary on the history & lastest events surrounding the 17 time NFC Western Division & 5 -Time World Champion San Francisco 49ers. From 1946 and the All America Football Conference to 2009 and the road to a 6th Super Bowl title - For true fans of the scarlet and gold! Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Preseason Power Rankings # 1

NFL Preseason Power Rankings

Notes: The skies above Foxborough, Mass., have never been clearer entering a season. Unless catastrophe strikes in the form of a major injury, the Patriots should contend for the Super Bowl.

Notes: The Chargers are talented, but trouble seems to build at playoff time when they have lost their last four games. Super Bowl XLII is possible, but their postseason history could be hard to shake in January.

Notes: They might find having a target on their backs as Super Bowl champs a big obstacle .But look for the Colts, defensive holes aside, to win yet another divisional crown and go deep into the postseason.

Notes: Because there aren't many dominant teams in the NFC, the Saints' fortunes should stay clear and sunny all season. Another NFC South title and deep playoff run are possible.

Notes: By keeping the core of its team, Baltimore might avoid a slipup and repeat as AFC North champs. But with aging leaders such as Ray Lewis and Steve McNair, warning signs are approaching.

Notes: Another NFC North title could be in the cards. But it will be harder because the schedule gets much tougher after last season's 13-3 campaign toward the Super Bowl. The defense must stay tough to get back to the title game.

Notes: There's been a lot of change in the AFC West this offseason, especially in Denver. The Broncos could narrow the gap with the Chargers, and there's no reason to believe they can't contend in the conference.

Notes: Warning signs for the Bengals — They could win nine or 10 games, finish second in the AFC North and still miss the playoffs. The AFC is that strong.

Notes: Turbulent times in the NFC East could benefit the Eagles. With change happening in Dallas, Philly has a good shot at a sixth division crown in seven years. Returning to the Super Bowl will be a tougher task.

Notes: All three NFC West competitors have improved, but the Seahawks have won the last three division crowns. The team's core (Hasselbeck, Alexander) remains, and so do its chances of another playoff spot.

Notes: Wade Phillips inherited a playoff team with lots of potential. But last year's wonderboy, Tony Romo, must not slip into a sophomore slump for Dallas to make a deep playoff run.

12.N.Y. JETS
Notes: There have been upgrades on offense (Thomas Jones) and defense (top pick Darrelle Revis and second-rounder David Harris). But there still don't seem to be enough 3-4 compatible players on defense.

Notes: At the outset, it looks like a transitional season in Pittsburgh as the team adjusts to life without Bill Cowher, Joey Porter and Jeff Hartings and with new coach Mike Tomlin. But this is a squad that's about 18 months removed from a Super Bowl title.

Notes: The Panthers have a favorable schedule, but did little to upgrade their roster outside of the draft. QB Jake Delhomme enters the season on uncertain ground, but last year's preseason sleeper pick should still contend for a playoff spot.

Notes: The Jaguars underachieved at 8-8 last season and they did not add many new parts in the offseason. Unless the quarterback position stabilizes, another mediocre season may be coming.

Notes: The 49ers have assembled a lot of talent, and they have a chance to end a streak of four seasons without a winning record. Alex Smith is maturing at QB, and if Vernon Davis, et al., provide weapons, the team could contend for its first NFC West crown since 2002.

Notes: New coach Bobby Petrino brings optimism. But the cloud of uncertainty around Michael Vick threatens the team's long-term forecast. Yet if the Falcons stay healthy and the draft picks deliver, their outlook could still be bright.

Notes: Last season brought improvement for the Rams. But this offseason brought upgrades for their entire division. The talent — and experience — of Marc Bulger could help tip the NFC West in St. Louis' favor.

Notes: Year No. 2 for Vince Young brings tests against the Colts and Saints in the first three weeks. The QB has proved he is a sparkplug, but a huge problem remains: Who is going to catch the ball?

Notes: The Giants enter the season as the '06 playoff squad least likely to make it back to the postseason. Tiki Barber left a giant void in the backfield for Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns. And Eli Manning faces vociferous critics if he falters.

Notes: After losing Trent Green this offseason and key O-linemen the past few seasons, the Chiefs must patch up some holes. The defense is a strong point. But with giant questions under center, this season is a question mark.

Notes: Is this when Arizona finally turns the corner? They've got a bolstered line, a star running back, stud receivers and a Hollywood QB. This team should score a lot of points, and it's up to new coach Ken Whisenhunt to deliver.

Notes: The O-line is stronger, a plus for rookie running back Marshawn Lynch. But Nate Clements' departure left a big hole in the defensive backfield. Tough competition in the AFC East makes the outlook for Buffalo bleak.

Notes: Brett Favre is back. But you wonder if he's asking himself why. The failure to acquire Randy Moss and the lack of a proven running back are ominous signs. Last season's 4-0 flurry to end the campaign will be tough to sustain in 2007.

Notes: Too old (Joey Galloway) or too young (Gaines Adams). That's the theme in Tampa. The Bucs look to be another year away from contending, which could leave Jon Gruden and new QB Jeff Garcia frustrated.

Notes: Rick Spielman, Brad Childress and Co. swear they have a plan, but it's hard to see it panning out anytime soon. They're relying on second-year QB Tarvaris Jackson, but that's a tall order when he's missing dependable receiving options. They defense is a strength, but the offense may be a liability.

Notes: Aside from a brief 6-0 run in 2005, the Redskins cannot break out of an extended cold snap. The team is 21-27 since Joe Gibbs came back in 2004, and his Hall of Fame resume is starting to get tarnished.

Notes: There's a lot to prove in Miami. New QB Trent Green will provide leadership and experience. And this is a squad that needs a giant boost of confidence under new coach Cam Cameron.

Notes: Detroit lost eight games by seven points or fewer in 2006. A better offense should develop under dependable QB Jon Kitna and stud receivers Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson. Second-year coach Rod Marinelli continues to implement his vision.

Notes: The Browns made a big splash on draft day, but top picks Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn are unlikely to have a big effect this season. There's reason for optimism in Cleveland, but the payoff won't likely arrive this season.

Notes: The offense has a new QB (Matt Schaub) and new running back (Ahman Green). But the Texans still need to improve their sagging offensive line.

Notes: With a solid defense and and upgraded offense, the Raiders could approach .500 after four consecutive dismal seasons. New coach Lane Kiffin needs to establish himself and bring stability back to a franchise that ran amok in 2006.

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Anonymous said...

The Bears suck. Simple as that. Got into an argument with a Bears fan about this. He was slandering T. Jackson. So, thought I'd point out to him: The Vikes game within an ace of beating them twice. Arizona was spankin' 'em pretty good even though they lost. And they had quite a few squeaker games. - No, they suck. They won't take Division. They've got one of the worse QBs. TJax of MN was a rookie. What was that clowns' excuse? Lions, Raiders, & Vikings will ALL be improved. Think before you place those bets...

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