The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
A review and commentary on the history & lastest events surrounding the 17 time NFC Western Division & 5 -Time World Champion San Francisco 49ers. From 1946 and the All America Football Conference to 2009 and the road to a 6th Super Bowl title - For true fans of the scarlet and gold! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Who's On The Hot Seats In NFC West?

From former Tennessee Titans general manager Floyd Reese on

Since the divisional realignment in 2002, San Francisco and Arizona have had one winning season combined, while Seattle and St. Louis have fought over division crowns, playoff berths and even Super Bowls.
Everything in the NFL is cyclical and this division is no different. If the gap between these teams has not completely closed, it is quickly closing. The offensive talent at specialist spots in the NFC West may be as impressive as any division in the league.

Arizona Cardinals: Ken Whisenhunt

The Cardinals might be the best current example of what confidence, attitude and self image can do to help or hurt a team. This team does not have stars at every position, but a quick analysis of key spots finds that there is much more talent than last year's record (5-11) reflects. Arizona has high draft choices and highly touted unrestricted free agents at every offensive skill position and this defense plays much better than a five-win team. Whisenhunt is a fine coach and a great teacher. The task for him will be to correct or change a losing culture. That may be the single hardest thing to do in the NFL.

San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith

San Francisco has experienced steady improvement the past two years. The 49ers have a great plan that is being well executed by ownership, management and coaches. Many, if not most, of the pieces are in place for this team and they appear ready to contend for a playoff berth. The biggest question is when will Smith take off? This might be his year, and if it is, the 49ers will be a factor in the West.

Seattle Seahawks: Secondary

I like the blend of skill, maturity and youth on this roster. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is in the prime of his career. The Seahawks have an outstanding running back (Shaun Alexander), a top-notch receiver (Deion Branch) and an All-Pro left tackle (Walter Jones). Their defensive front plays with both talent and passion, and is led by Pro Bowl players at middle linebacker, outside linebacker and defensive end. The area that will be under fire is the secondary. Because Seattle's divisional foes are loaded on offense, its secondary must show improvement. The Seahawks have the skill and understand the challenge.

St. Louis Rams: Secondary

The Rams are another outstanding offensive team with firepower across the board. This team will be in shootouts with their divisional rivals all season. For this reason, the Rams face the same issues as Seattle. The Rams' secondary will have to step up and play better. Poor secondary play may lead to a very disappointing season in St. Louis.

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