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The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

ESPN Predictions For Hall - A Joke!

Anyone that has been a regular visitor to this site knows how much I like rankings and polls, such as the one that USA Today put together of their picks for the 25 greatest players over the last 25 years. However, a new ranks/prediction list that has recently come out is the biggest joke I've ever seen.

In a feable attempt to....well, I don't know what they were thinking, but ESPN has come out with a prediction list of the 50 active players most likely to find themselves in Canton after their careers. Not a bad concept, but it helps if (A): you are sure that there are actually 50 current players worthy of this and (B): you don't just toss in some marketable names and sexy picks to look shrewd in your prognosication. Let's take a closer look at this list. Anyone in RED, should not be on this list! Anyone in BLUE is borderline. Quite frankly, there are not enough sure fire hall-of-famers in the league, and the idea of putting players with a year of experience , or NO experience on this list is absolutely moronic. Especially when you consider the players at the bottom who were considered "On the Bubble".

Cantonized: The List 1-50
1. Brett Favre 2. Tom Brady 3. Peyton Manning 4. Larry Allen 5. Ray Lewis 6. Richard Seymour 7. Jonathan Ogden 8. Marvin Harrison 9. LaDainian Tomlinson 10. Adam Vinatieri 11. Brian Urlacher12. Orlando Pace 13. Michael Strahan 14. Junior Seau 15. Tony Gonzalez

As you can see, the first 15 are pretty safe bets to be in the top 50 but a couple are questionable for their positions, such as Richard Seymour, who doesn't have nearly the stats to be this high up the list. Also, I would never put a kicker, Adam Vinatieri, in the top ten.

16. Dwight Freeney 17. Champ Bailey 18. Derrick Brooks 19. Warren Sapp 20. Torry Holt 21. Shawne Merriman 22. John Lynch 23. Alan Faneca 24. Steve Hutchinson 25. Brian Dawkins 26. Walter Jones 27. Jason Taylor 28. Shaun Alexander 29. Julius Peppers 30. Antonio Gates 31. Troy Polamalu 32. Randy Moss 33. Ed Reed 34. Reggie Bush 35. Ty Law 36. Terrell Owens 37. Edgerrin James 38. Carson Palmer 39. Vince Young 40. Calvin Johnson 41. Matt Leinart 42. Rod Smith 43. Hines Ward 44. Chad Johnson 45. Lofa Tatupu 46. DeMarcus Ware 47. Larry Johnson 48. Steven Jackson 49. A.J. Hawk 50. Adrian Peterson

As I've highlighted above, there are a number of players that have no business being on this list. The players in blue, my players on the bubble!, have had solid, pro-bowler type careers to this point, but it will take a long time of consistant play to get them there. For example, Dwight Freeney, great pass rusher, yes has even won a Super Bowl now. In the same class of Reggie White, Bruce Smith and Deacon Jones right now? Give your heads a shake ESPN. The idea of having 1 year players on here like Vince Young, Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart is stupid, AND WORSE, rookies, no not even rookies yet, DRAFT PICKS like Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson on here, makes ESPN look like a bunch of clowns. Putting a player on this list having not even seen them take a snap in the NFL is ridiculous.

ESPN's idea of players "On the Bubble".

1. Anquon Boldin 2. Drew Brees 3. Isaac Bruce 4. Rodney Harrison 5. Willie McGinest 6. Donovan McNabb 7. Steve McNair 8. Tom Nalen 9. Simeon Rice 10. Steve Smith

Joke. With the exception of the first two here, Brees and Boldin, who are still a little young and yes, probably still on the bubble, every one of these players deserves to be on the list above over any of the players in red. You're going to tell me that Isaac Bruce, with a ring and better stats than Michael Irvin (HOF) , should get less consideration than Calvin Johnson, a Detroit Lions draft pick?

Just as stupid, here is ESPN's list of 10 players who won't get in.

1. Eli Manning 2. Brady Quinn 3. Clinton Portis 4. Ben Rothlisburger 5. Tony Romo 6. Jamarcus Russell 7. Jeremy Shockey 8. Mike Vick 9. Mario Williams 10. Charles Woodson.

Once again, how can you have Vince Young or Matt Leinart on the list over Ben Rothlisburger, a Super Bowl winning QB. I'm not saying Rothlisburger will get in, I'm just saying that he gets more consideration already, than they do. Also, how can they look into their crystal ball and decide that Young and Leinart will succeed and Russell and Quinn have no shot. What is separating them? One year?

In future ESPN, put a little more thought and research into your predictions. Don't just throw something together over a lunch hour.

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