The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
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Monday, August 20, 2007

Nolan's Notebook - Part 1


Excerpt from a Q & A with 49ers coach Mike Nolan

RE: After watching film from last night’s game, will you consider having two new starters on offense? “No. The competition is very tight, very close. (Justin) Smiley stepped up and although he had a couple of penalties, he was very aggressive. He played fairly well outside of that. Kwame (Harris) is competing hard, but the rookie (Joe) Staley (left) is doing an outstanding job. That one is probably tighter than the interior, but (David) Baas is also competing. Right now, I am going to let the process take its due course with the other preseason games we have. We will make a decision. It is nice that we have depth, so that’s good.”

RE: Was Smiley’s second holding call a phantom call? “I have not seen the entire game on offense just yet, so I can’t answer that honestly. We met a long time, but I met with the defense and special teams. I started with the offense, but I did not complete it.” RE: Speaking on the depth team wide: “Quarterbacks is surprisingly one spot that has depth. All three played well in the game. I like what Trent (Dilfer) brings us and Shaun (Hill) showed flashes in bringing us back. I would say the wide receiver position has depth. I don’t think there is a top number one guy, but I like the top three guys for sure. I believe all of the competition will make us better. It makes for tougher decisions in the next week or two.”

RE: Would you consider starting Joe Staley? “Not this week, but he could play sooner, rather than the third series.”

RE: Who would you consider the third wide receiver right now? “Taylor Jacobs. He didn’t play much last night because he only had a few hours of sleep because his wife had given birth. We had him sleep before the game a little bit. He took about five plays. He had bloodshot eyes, he was very tired. He wanted to play, but I felt it wasn’t a good idea. Arnaz (Battle) and Darrell (Jackson) are the two starters. From a training camp standpoint, the consistency of play has been in Taylor’s corner.”

RE: So you do not hold Taylor’s drop against him in the game? “I take it into consideration, but I look at more of a big picture than isolated plays. Believe me, I don’t dismiss them, but when I look at drops in other people it is still less than some of the things I have seen.”

RE: Where does Ashley Lelie stand? “I think he is in the thick of the receiver position at that next spot. I think there are a few guys in there. I think Ashley (left)is in the thick of it, I think Bryan Gilmore and Brandon Williams are in there as well. Jason Hill is in there naturally because we drafted him in the third round. We are going to be a little more patient with Jason because he was a draft choice and is a young guy.”

RE: Is there a possibility that you will keep six receivers? “There is a possibility. I would like to keep six if there are six that warrant being on the team. If we had seven, it would be seven. I think we have five or six.”

RE: Last year you kept four tight ends. If you keep three will that allow you to keep six receivers? “I want to keep the best 22 players on offense and defense. It is really about keeping the best players. The numbers all vary. Every year is different. If we didn’t have Darrell Jackson, we would probably be looking at keeping four or five receivers. The best players make it and the other guys go.”

RE: What is the situation with Marques Douglas? “His wife had the baby yesterday afternoon. It was another little girl. Mom and the baby are doing good and everything went well.”

RE: Because of Ashley’s size and stride is it more important for him and Alex (Smith) to work together more: “If he is going to throw to him yes, but if he isn’t one of the primary guys, he needs to work with the other guys first. He needs to work with the guys who know the best routes, know who to block on running plays, etc. There is a lot more to being a good wide receiver than catching balls. It is a lot more than being tall and fast. When the total picture puts you in the right of getting reps with the first group, you get to work with Alex more. If you don’t, you get to work with Trent in the second group and Shaun with the third. If you are showing the ability to get in that next group, yes, we need to get you some more balls.”

RE: How did Ashley fare in those areas you just said? “Ashley did a good job yesterday. Let me make that clear. Bryan Gilmore did a nice job. Darrell Jackson with the one catch did a nice job. Those guys did okay, but no one is unseeding the top guys at this point. In practice, Ashley and Bryan get a lot of work with the first group because Arnaz and Darrell practice once a day. Alex has thrown Ashley and Bryan as many balls as he has to Darrell and Arnaz. We have seen them work together.”

RE: Is the injury to Walt Harris (left) more troublesome than you thought? “No. The one that I am concerned about is Dashon Goldson. He will not play this week. His injury to his elbow was more significant than I thought. He was going to tackle the running back and put his forearm between his legs and the player pulled both legs together and his arm stuck. I think it is some ligament and muscles in his elbow, but I don’t think it is as significant as a tear. There is nothing final on the prognosis until tomorrow, but he will miss this week. He is having a good camp. He is in the second group and has done a good job. He is a good young player.”

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