The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Far-Out Wideout Grooves On S.F.

John Crumpacker, San Francisco Chronicle

When the 49ers made the trade with Seattle for Darrell Jackson, they got more than a wide receiver in return. They got someone who looks and acts like he walked out of a different era. With his unkempt Afro, scraggly beard and relaxed outlook on life, if not football, Jackson seemingly would have been right at home in the San Francisco of 40 years ago, during the Summer of Love. If anyone on this team is going to flash a peace sign, it's Jackson, who answers only to "D-Jack."

"His personality, he acts like a hippie in the late '60s as a laid-back guy," coach Mike Nolan said. "He's got a very low-key personality when it comes to everyday things. On the field, he's a competitor. I enjoy being around him."

His former head coach does, too, although Mike Holmgren is not happy that Jackson is now a 49er and will oppose his old team Sunday at Candlestick. "You'll never get me to say anything bad about Darrell Jackson," Holmgren said Wednesday in a conference call. "He was one of my guys. I'm a Darrell Jackson fan and I root for him except when he plays against us." Seattle's Pro Bowl tackle, Walter Jones, said, "He was liked by everybody. He was a down-to-earth guy. He came in and worked and when he went out onto the field on Sundays, he made plays. That's all you could ask of a player." Jackson leads the 49ers in receptions with 11 for 166 yards. He is finding his groove in San Francisco and developing that wide receiver-quarterback vibe with Alex Smith.

"It's getting better every day we go out on the practice field," Jackson said. "It takes time to get acclimated to. Every day it gets better."

Holmgren drafted Jackson from Florida in the third round in 2000 and in his seven years in Seattle, Jackson led the Seahawks in receptions and receiving yards four times. "He played very well for us," Holmgren said. "He felt there was a problem with management and his contract. He felt that way the last couple years. By mutual agreement, he's no longer here." Jackson said his problem was with Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell. "I was cool with the organization," Jackson said. "I just had problems with one dude. It just so happened it was the head dude. Everything else was cool." Faced with a lack of interest in Jackson, the Seahawks were limited to the 49ers when it came to a trade. The 49ers got a proven wide receiver in return for their fourth-round pick in the draft, which Seattle used to select Mansfield Wrotto, currently No. 3 at right guard . Jackson missed time in training camp recovering from offseason dings and dents and has dropped a couple of passes in the first three games. His most notable noncatch came in the opener against Arizona, on the last, frantic drive for a touchdown. Smith's perfect pass slipped through Jackson's hands in the end zone. One of the problems, Jackson said, might have been his off-kilter helmet.

"I couldn't see the ball. My helmet sat too high on my head," he said, citing his Afro as the culprit. His hair is now trimmed.

"I'm a very easy-going guy, very laid-back," he said. "Even in my style of play, I like to observe everything and not fly by missing a lot. High-energy guys get a lot of glory. Guys like me that make everything look easy get misconstrued."

It's not easy being an emissary from another time, but Jackson is doing his best. He might get to the point where he'll even say, "Far out, man," after a particularly good game. Sunday against his old team would be a nice place to start.

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