The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
A review and commentary on the history & lastest events surrounding the 17 time NFC Western Division & 5 -Time World Champion San Francisco 49ers. From 1946 and the All America Football Conference to 2009 and the road to a 6th Super Bowl title - For true fans of the scarlet and gold! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Niner News & Notes - Sept. 18th

Gore's Injury Not Serious

According to Mike Nolan, the team did not suffer any serious injuries on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. Fans were concerned for running back Frank Gore when he left the field late in the game and appeared to be injured. Nolan said that it was a simple leg strain and that none of the injuries to Gore or wide receiver Darrell Jackson were likely to prevent any of the players from playing this weekend against the Steelers. Jackson had tweaked his back. Gore and Jackson may not practice on Wednesday.

Nolan said that he would meet with Frank Gore once he returns Tuesday night from his mother's wake and funeral to see where he is at. Running backs coach Bishop Harris, fullback Moran Norris and tackle Jonas Jennings traveled with Gore after the game on Sunday.

Nap time: the 49ers are on offense

You've suspected it for years. Mike Nolan is turning the 49ers into Baltimore Ravens West, a town where passing statistics go to die. Sure, there were always the former Ravens - guys like Marques Douglas to Chad Williams to Trent Smith --Nolan brought to San Francisco. And there was Patrick Willis, who reminded Nolan so much of his beloved Ray Lewis that he not only drafted him 11th overall this spring, but gave him Lewis' number, 52. The latest - and most damning - evidence is an offense that bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the Ravens', circa 2000. It's blah. It's cautious. It does the bare minimum. It's 11 men in a plain brown wrapper. It's the Gerald Ford of NFL offenses. Even writing about it makes me... (yawn) ... want ... to ... fall ... zzzzzzzz.

Nolan, of course, doesn't think so. He resisted the comparison Monday (he seemed ready for the question), noting that he spent his first two seasons rebuilding the offense not the defense. "We're not trying to build a football team like that at all," he said. "... I want to be well-balanced."
The truth is that the 49ers have more offensive talent than the Ravens did during their Super Bowl run. They don't need to throw two-yard dumps to the fullback on third and eight. They don't have to run six straight times at game's end. They have two capable wideouts in Arnaz Battle and Darrell Jackson. They have a tight end, Vernon Davis, who insists he is open on every play. The only thing Nolan and the 49ers must do is, you know, actually use them.
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