The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Post Bye Predictions - False Hopes Vs Realistic Expectations?

I will go out on a limb here....not very far out on a limb, but make predictions about tomorrow's 49ers-Giants game and the consequences, expectations and aftermath from it.

First things first. I know I will be seen as somewhat of a malcontent by Niner faithful out there with their heads in the sand, or in the clouds, unwilling to face reality about where this season is headed. I have had lots of nasty comments about how I am "bashing the team and not a real fan". To those comments I say this: I am being realistic. Just like you, I want 12, 14, 15 wins in a season again like we all remember. But wishing for it, or ignoring all the glaring issues still facing this franchise, isn't going to make that happen. On the eve of the regular season, I called for this team to win 6 or MAYBE 7 games, if they were really lucky. Still, on this site, and on chat rooms everywhere, fans chimed in about how they would win the division. Nate Clements, Michael Lewis, Ashlie Lelie, Joe Staley and Patrick Willis don't translate into 3 or 4 more wins a year. Period. That's pretty much all they added that is worth mentioning. Well, maybe Clements and Willis could steal you one more on their own, but that's about it.

49% , ironically, of people voting on our poll last week, called for the Niners to play .500 ball from here on out. That's 6 wins in the 12 games remaining. Possible, but not probable. 24% think they will turn it around, and I guess, miraculously develop an offense, and win 10 or 11 to take the division. Nice devotion to your team, but if you truly believe that, I have some waterfront in Kansas City that I'd like to sell you, sight unseen. 28% feel that they have maybe 2 or 3 wins left in them this year. These are the people that have got a realistic expectation and handle on the team, and probably would be smarter and more capable of calling an offensive game plan than Jim Hostler.

Which brings me to the first prediction. In the first of what will probably be many moves by Mike Nolan the rest of this year to save his own hyde, I expect Jim Hostler to be gone...if not after this game, definitely after the game coming up against the formerly hapless Saints. Everyone knows what Hostler will call tomorrow. Running plays on 3 and 11 at their own 25. Three useless runs up the middle if they get into the redzone that have as much threat of scoring as three kneel downs. This Mike Nolan - "Get 10 points and hang on" mentality will get somebody fired, and unfortunately for Hostler, it will be him first. They will be lucky to get 10 points tomorrow, while I expect the Giants to put up about 28, and when they play New Orleans next week, Drew Brees will look like Brees from last year and Reggie Bush will have a big day. If the Saints turned their season around on the road against a good team like Seattle in primetime, what do you think they'll do against a team that can't score?

Second prediction time. Alex Smith doesn't survive this season with his starting job, regardless of health. Nolan miscalculated with his pick, who was a Matt Leinart consolation prize. Yes, I know Leinart is hurt, but between last year and this, he still has shown more ability to deliver than Smith - and a college resume that would inspire more patience. Dilfer will see the bulk of the playing time the remainder of this year - (gee, I think I called that in preseason too!) - mostly because Nolan can milk the shoulder injury excuse to keep Smith on the sidelines. He doesn't have to hide him in the game anymore with 10 - 12 pathetic pass attempts per game.

Third prediction. Dilfer will be "ok" at the passing game and will win them 2 to 4 more games this year. I expect Vernon Davis, Jason Hill and the rest of the Niners' wideouts to show at least marginal potential to build on next year.

Fourth prediction. The line play will improve - because it can't get worse. In another of his soon-to-be desperation moves, Nolan will shuffle the line and work Kwame Harris back into the mix. Expect Harris, Justin Smiley and Jonas Jennings to be gone at the end of the year. The first two due to unrealistic free agency salary expectations, and the last because he can't stay healthy and is a bust for the $37 million they gave him.

Lastly, the poor, overworked, and incredibly talented defense will continue to try to pitch shut-outs to keep their offense in the games, and hopefully will get help from Dilfer 'cause they won't get it from Smith, at least not behind that line -with his lack of pocket presense and awareness. Clements has been worth the far, and Patrick Willis will be NFL Defensive Rookie of The Year. The clock is ticking for how long they can financially and age-wise, keep this defense together.

I wish I could tell you that the Niners will win in New York this Sunday, but I'm expecting the score and stats to be as follows:

Mark this down and see how close this is!

NY 28 - SF 10.

Dilfer 17 - 39 for 204 yards, 1 TD and 3 INT's - does just enough to keep Smith on the bench next week too.
Gore 23 carries for 61 yards - not his fault, but never breaks one, and too often finds the back of the line as a brick wall
No receiver with more than 3 catches, or 40 yards receiving. Davis catches a short TD and is good for an unnecessarily self-promoting celebration.

Defense - 3 sacks, 1 INT

I hope I'm wrong and they have a fantastic day, putting up great offense and turn their season around in the very much still -up- for grabs NFC West. Take this away as food for thought though... If Dilfer is good, does that make the situation better, or the future more murky?


Anonymous said...

These last ten years could most aptly be described as The Decade of Decay, Decline and Despair...not exactly echoes of previous decades of dominance.

Currently I reside in San Diego where everywhere you look you'd think electricity is free with all the Bolts signs and stickers flying around. This city just went through its first feeling of sheer frustration of a team not expressing its talent potential. Sadly, as a displaced Niners fan, I wish I could extend the same frustration to our offense.

It is probably by sheer luck that we aren't 0-6 (an obvious benefit of being in the weakest division in the league). To me the most obvious thing missing from the team, aside from any kind of harmony or talent, is the obvious lack of any kind of identity. In a league that has become typified by 'rags to riches and back to rags' stories because of the competitive parity that exists seems to have alluded the Niners wholesale.

Though his academic acumen has been lauded Alex Smith's professional talent is still found to be wanting. Whatever that 'it' intangible that is so highly looked for in a leader it just seems to be lacking from Smith. Even in a talent rich offense Smith would probably only be good at best.

Serious matters MUST be addressed if this team will even be competitive much less consistent.

Dan Eberhardt

MikeyP said...

I have been a Niner fan for as long as I can remember. Always having a good go round with my buddies that are all Dallas fans. Lately, it pains me to watch a once great team make no advancements to bettering itself... at all! Each week is a downward spiral to the bottom. What the hell is going on in the front offices of this organization??? Is it ever going to stop, the total mismanagement of a once great dynasty? Jesus, just look at this weeks game.

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