The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Win Doesn't Fix This

With the list of possible replacements growing with names such as Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid or even toss in Jim Mora Jr., and Mike Singletary, if Mike Nolan thinks one win gets him a "Survivor immunity" until next year, he'd better think again. With his handling of the Smith situation, the Hostler situation and the on-field product being what it is, staying with this guy beyond this year looks like a crap shoot at best. For a brief moment on Sunday, 49er faithful everywhere must have been elated to see the team get an overtime win, until you look at the season's win column and realize...way too little, way too late, like always.

To be fair to Nolan, this has been a weird, frustrating and emotionally trying year. As one might reasonably expect, while his body has been in the bay area, his heart and mind have been in Grapevine, Texas , where about 200 friends and family, including several former NFL players and coaches, gathered for Dick Nolan's funeral. Nolan didn't miss a game, winging his way home in time for last week's yawner against the Rams, which shows great dedication. The sole act of showing up for work under what had to be the most extreme duress deserves great respect.

Having said that...and taking into consideration the hard-fought win this Sunday...

That doesn't fix the serious problems that have developed on a Niner team that was supposed to have been right in the middle of the playoff race, after investing very heavily in the free-agent market and stocking via the draft this off-season. What they need is a separate GM. Restructure the organization and hire an experienced general manager to share the considerable load of runinning this team. Nolan is spread too thin and as it stands now, he has as much, if not more control over his team than any coach in the league.

If Nolan could concentrate on what he is good at, defensive coaching, then maybe keep him around. To do that, a strong offensive coordinator, ala Norv Turner would have to reappear, since Nolan has shown no ability to run an offense, or direct those that should. The move to bring in Ted Tollner may have single handedly saved Nolan's hyde for the balance of the year, but it's still not enough. Personally, I think that if someone like Bay area native, Mike Holmren were to be available, and he has stated that he is not sure how long he wants to coach for, they should woo him. Holmgren, or his possibly available protege, Andy Reid, are Walsh disciples and share the same vision and eye for talent that Walsh had. Holmgren has a contract clause that allows him to leave the Seahawks if he finds a GM position he likes. If they get a guy like that in to call the shots, then ok...maybe give Nolan some more leash. You'd have a great back-up plan in the GM's suite then if a change had to be made.

Personally, I'd like to see Holmgren in as GM and Reid in as coach. Ain't gonna happen with this ownership, I know, but nice to think about right now. After looking at the on-field product, and losing the draft to dream about, front office changes are all we have left.

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Jay Z said...

I'm not so sure either of those guys would be a good fit. Reid has family issues that seem to be taking its toll on him. Holmgren has not drafted great, has not done a great job of re-signing,(Alexander vs Hutchinson) and other than deep pockets bringing in key free agents he hasn't done a great job with the talent on field. True he was one play away from winning a super bowl a few years back but he hasn't brought the team back to form since.
If we are talking fantasy coaches/Gm's, why not toss in Bill Cower? He is exactly what this young team needs, a respected, veteran head coach who gets the most of his players. I'm not sure who's available for G.m.'s but I'm sure there is a diamond in the rough out there somewhere.
Anyway, like the website bud, keep up the good work!

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