The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners

The Best Seat In The House For All Your News On The 5 Time World Champion Niners
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sims seems like a sound signing

The 49ers' signing of former Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Barry Sims may not stir up as many waves as recent additions like Justin Smith and Nate Clements, but fans shouldn’t underestimate what Sims brings to the fold.Sims is perhaps best remembered for his false start fiascoes in Oakland (he actually led all NFL offensive linemen in that category last year), but judging him simply on that standard would be quite unfair. Sims has started 118 games in the last nine years, demonstrating both durability and a high enough level of play to remain in Oakland's weekly lineup. That's not to say he is a Pro Bowler at the position, but Sims is certainly a capable player at the right tackle spot, which is, coincidentally, a huge area of concern for the 49ers.Besides the obvious -- veteran leadership -- what does Sims add to the 49ers? Examining the signing in a worst-case scenario, Sims simply brings some quality depth along an offensive line which sorely needs it. The 49ers should field a line of Joe Staley, David Baas or Chilo Rachal, Eric Heitmann, Adam Snyder and Jonas Jennings (assuming he's healthy). Sims fits neatly as the primary backup at tackle and allows the 49ers to move several players around to their natural positions.

If the Sims signing should serve notice to any member of San Francisco's O-line, it is undoubtedly Jennings. It’s hard to fault the talented Jennings for his injury-filled history, but the Sims signing is clearly an indication that Jennings' job is on the line. Sims will push Jennings, and the camp battle should be ferocious for the No. 1 right tackle spot. Jennings should work hard to be in the top shape of his life, and Sims should push him to play the best football of his career. Furthermore, competition such as this should not be overlooked because it generally incites a higher level of play from each combatant associated. Beyond simply pushing Jennings, Sims will allow the 49ers to slide Snyder inside to his more natural guard position along with Rachal, a rookie second-round pick from USC. Thanks to the lack of depth, Rachal had been working at the right tackle spot, but adding Sims should facilitate Rachal's move back to guard, where he could be exceptional for the 49ers.

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